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Natchez Salvage and Parts is owned and operated by the Kaiser and Edwards families. Just look on the end of the counter and you will see Stephen and/or Bubba with a headset on in the trenches with the 'junkies'! Somebody has to keep the junkyard dogs in line! Both Stephen and Bubba believe in the customer first and serve the customer form the front line. Mrs. Rhonda, Bubba's wife, is in the office hammering out bills and Adam, Bubba's son is on the yard keeping the inventory in shape.

David, Van, Stephen, and Bubba work the headsets and counter better than anybody in the industry, and you should see them have to deal with a recording on the other end when they call another recycler! If you only buy one part in your life from us we haven't done our job as a business, or you have been extremely lucky with the vehicle you purchased!

Natchez Salvage and Parts moved into their new location to better serve their customers in 1993. They are now able to give their customers a comfortable, safe waiting area to watch the 'junkies' put on a show like no other. If you get tired of the insanity at the counter, just get a cup of coffee and watch a little TV while you wait on your part. We have been offered Reality TV opportunities several times, and I certainly see why... We are CRAZY about this stuff!